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Healing The Shadow

Today was magical! My teaching partner, Moriah Simmons and I held our first Healing the Shadow workshop in Brooklyn with Spirit House Collective.  During this workshop we explored what the 'Shadow' is, how to identify it in our own lives, what our triggers are, reactions, and negative self talk. We then used EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique or "Tapping" to work through moments of anxiety and stress. By calming our nervous systems, we learn to disarm our fight or flight or freeze modes.  Combining journaling, tapping, and group sharing, we worked on reframing our inner dialogue - turning them into...

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August Sexoscopes are live on The Horizontal

Astrology Dame leo season

In case you haven't heard, I write the monthly horoscopes for Dame Products. Dame is an incredible company that makes sex toys for modern women, their mission is to "close the pleasure gap." Dame has an incredible blog, called The Horizontal, where they publish articles that cover a wide range of topics pertaining to health and sexuality, including monthly horoscopes written by yours truly that focus on sex, love, and intimacy. You can read your August Sexoscopes here. Make sure to read your sun, rising, and Venus sign!  

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Healing the Shadow

Raise your hand if July was brutal. Can you feel mine way up? I can feel yours.... For those of you who follow astrology, you know we went through a major eclipse portal this month, while spinning backward through Mercury Retrograde. The past coming back to haunt us as we released and shed into the eclipse abyss. Nothing can grow if the ground isn't moist, and the tears we shed as we upturned the soil of our lives are now ready to receive new offerings.  My teaching partner, Moriah Simmons and I have spent the past few months working on developing...

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June with Moon Void Tarot

We're already a week into June, and it has flown by! Gemini season is known for rapid mental activity that is closely followed by taking on more projects and commitments than we may be physically available for.  Where to find me in June: If you are in NYC this summer you can catch me in Brooklyn at Jill Lindsey  every Sunday from 2-6.  I will also be doing pop up tarot readings at Myths of Creation during their vintage sale on Saturday, June 22 from 2-6 I'm also very excited to be able to offer in person readings in Brooklyn &...

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Summer Eclipse season has begun!

2019 Astrology Cancer/Capricorn eclipse in cancer lunar eclipse moon void tarot solar eclipse Stefanie Caponi Tarot

  During the month of June, we seem to be caught between the duality of moving rapidly forward and overanalyzing the past, we have so many planets in Gemini and Cancer to thank for that. In all fairness, June is the midway point of the year. It's a time to reflect over the past 6 months and see what adjustments and refining needs to be done on the projects or goals we've been putting our efforts into before turning our attention toward the second half of the year. It may seem to some, that things are finally beginning to move forward, as...

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