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2021 Tarot Challenge Prompts for Aquarius Season

Stefanie Caponi Aquarius Astrology Brooklyn Tarot moon void tarot Stefanie Caponi Tarot tarot spread

I'm so excited to kick off Aquarius season with the first Moon Void Tarot Challenge of 2021! Each month I'll be a tarot challenge that coincides with the energy of the astrological season. My goal is to not only deepen our collective tarot practice with a daily prompt, but to also embody the astrology of the year. Tarot and astrology go hand in hand, and this has been the easiest way for me to learn the lessons of each sign and how it affects my world, and I'd love to share my practice with you. I hope you will share...

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How Astrology can show you how to create and maintain wealth & abundance using your birth chart

Stefanie Caponi abundance Astrology birth chart money houses in astrology

Understanding the Money Houses in Astrology really helped me understand my natural gifts and how to use them to create abundance by helping me refine and clarify: What am I good at? What do I love doing? How do I work best/what is my ideal work environment? Who are my ideal clients and customers? How can I serve them best? 2020 has taught me so much, by gifting me time away from the world to create, study, and give myself permission to run towards what I’m passionate about.In my 20’s I worked boring soul sucking office jobs and at 27...

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The Moon Void Tarot Holiday Sale is happening now!

Stefanie Caponi Astrology sale Tarot

As a thank you for your support through this difficult year, enjoy 20% off Moon Void Tarot decks, books, and bundles as well as 2021 Year Ahead Tarot Readings November 27-29  Enter code THANKYOU2020 at checkout!  

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Venus Signs as Love Languages

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  I'm taking a small break from tarot talk, to discuss something I'm fascinated by - Venus Signs as Love Languages. Writing the monthly Sexoscopes for Dame (read yours here!) offers me plenty of time to study the energy of the planets and how they effect our love lives. Many people are constantly asking me about compatibility using sun signs. I believe you should be looking at moon signs, venus signs, and mars signs.  The moon sign is our emotional self, how we respond to the world through our feelings, and how we desire to be nurtured. For example, I am a...

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August Sexoscopes are live on The Horizontal

Moon Void Tarot Admin Astrology Dame leo season

In case you haven't heard, I write the monthly horoscopes for Dame Products. Dame is an incredible company that makes sex toys for modern women, their mission is to "close the pleasure gap." Dame has an incredible blog, called The Horizontal, where they publish articles that cover a wide range of topics pertaining to health and sexuality, including monthly horoscopes written by yours truly that focus on sex, love, and intimacy. You can read your August Sexoscopes here. Make sure to read your sun, rising, and Venus sign!  

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