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The Tarot Tutorial Podcast is live!

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I've teamed up with my dear friend, Ross Cessna of Spiritual Phoenix Studios, together we've created a weekly podcast series called The Fool's Guide to Tarot. Each week, Ross and I will be discussing a card from the major arcana and it's accompanying minor. This is the format taught to me during a formal six month tarot intensive, Brooklyn Fool's, taught by Jeff Hinshaw and Lindsey Mack, in 2017.  In our first episode we cover, finding a tarot deck you resonate with, what is the Fool's journey, and what the Fool represents in tarot. Ross and I come from very different...

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April Sexoscopes are up!

Astrology Dame horoscopes sexoscopes

I write the monthly horoscopes for Dame Products with a focus on love, sex, and mindfulness, you can read them HERE.  

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Tarot for Working with the Libra Full Moons in March & April

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  Wednesday is the Spring Equinox, Ostara, moving from the end of the zodiacal calendar (Pisces) into Aries - the initiator. This is fire season. This is the beginning of new energy, moving forward.  I want to bring attention to the full moon story that is going to be taking place. Full moons are significant for several reasons. Each brings closure, endings, and illuminates the darkness to assist us in making these shifts in order to move forward. The full supermoon on Wednesday occurs at 0 degrees Libra. This is the beginning of our story. Libra is the sign of...

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What to do when your tarot reading isn't going the way you want it to

  Several years ago I was on the cusp of a massive life shift. I was at the beginning stages of my spiritual awakening, and the first thought I had was to have a professional tarot reading. I went to see my best friend's trusted psychic, who was lovely. I was nervous. I had only had my cards read a couple times before.  I wasn't sure what to expect, I explained that I was in a comfortable, happy marriage, and had recently met someone online that stirred up feelings within me that called my entire relationship into question. I was...

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The Importance of a Morning Practice

Intentional living isn't something that is only available to the wealthy and famous. I've been noticing an influx of information, from the spiritual community to the New York Times, about the importance of a morning practice.  Not everyone has the luxury of spending 30 minutes to an hour every morning in ritual, but it doesn't have to take that much time. I'm sharing my morning practice with full disclosure that since I've moved in with my partner I'm struggling at keeping to my luxurious solo time practice. Instead, I'm surrendering to how nice it is to be snuggled. In those moments...

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