Taurus Full Moon Circle
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Taurus Full Moon Circle

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Join Stefanie of Moon Void Tarot & Anneka of Hawthorne Healing for an evening of community and Full Moon Ceremony just outside of NYC on Sunday, November 10 from 5-7pm in Hawthorne.

During this gathering we will harness the energy of the Taurus full moon as well as honor the Scorpio sun, while discussing current astrology, numerology, and how the cycles of the season and planets affect our present reality. We will perform a releasing ritual to clear space in order to plant new seeds of intention for the next lunar cycle. We will conclude our ceremony with a guided meditation and reiki circle. 

Please bring a sacred item to place on our full moon altar - such as a favorite crystal, photo, jewelry, or anything that invokes the connection to ancestors, the physical body, your connection to your sensuality, or totem of personal power. 


**After purchasing you will receive an email with directions to the ceremony site**


Stefanie & Anneka have been making magic together for years with their coven and are excited to bring elements of their practice to the Hudson Valley community. 


The artwork of the Moon Void Tarot is inspired by Stefanie's personal interpretations of each card's meaning. She has combined traditional symbolism with an innovative and modern approach. Instead of a parade of characters, there is one central character - The Fool, who embodies each archetypal energy as she makes her journey through the 78 cards. While keeping the suits and all card names the same as more traditional decks, such as the Rider Waite Smith - Stefanie has done away with the gender implications of the court cards. Instead, she has broken each card down into it's elemental combination using alchemical symbols and animal spirit guides. 
Tarot is the journey of the self, and the vessel of communication between our physical bodies and the Universe. While deeply personal, there is a wonderfully supportive community at all levels that support Tarot. This community inspired Stefanie to make a digital guidebook in the form of an Instagram account - @moonvoidtarot. This account serves as a reference for card meanings as well as an open forum for people to share their own interpretations of the cards, ask questions, and develop a support system.