Tending The Treasure - mini reset workshop series with Pineapple Yogi

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Happy Thursday Moon Lovers!

Thursday is ruled by Jupiter, our planet of expansion and abundance. How can you be more expansive today? The tarot card that corresponds to Jupiter is Temperance. Moderation and balance while creating alchemy with the universe. This alchemy happens when we surrender to the flow of what is, instead of trying to push for what our ego's think we should be doing. There is nothing wrong with our ego, it is here to protect us. 

Today, take a moment to be with your ego, thank it for trying to protect you and keep you safe. Accept where you are in your process. Remind yourself that divine time is not the same as human time, which is the only time that our ego recognizes. Divine time reassures us that we are not in a race or competition with anyone else. There is much movement in stillness.

For those that have experienced one of Pineapple Yogi's Wellness Retreats, you know that Sharon's mantra is "You're sitting on the f*#cking treasure" - it's true, we are the treasure we seek. Keeping with the theme of rediscovering your own power while building a community of support, we invite you to join us for Tending the Treasure!

What to expect:

- A safe space of support 
- Meditation
- Group Reiki
- Tarot & Current Astrology 
- Reset & Refocus on your goals from the fall, as we wrap up 2019 

Light snacks provided, wear comfortable clothes! 

To sign up, simply Venmo.com/Pineappleyogi $55 and in the notes reference Tending The Treasure 


Please feel free to reach out with any questions! If you've been curious about attending a wellness retreat, this is also a fantastic way to get a taste of what we do! 

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